RC Committees


Domestic Assignment Committee

Responsible for hiring referees for the National Tournaments of USA Fencing

Mary Frye – Vice-Chair
Marcus Balog
Lisa Campi-Sapery
Dan Crocket
Mary Mahon
Kevin Mar
Sean Shumate

International Development and Assignments Committee

Responsible for developing and hiring referees for international fencing competitions

Kelly Johnson – Vice-Chair
Peter Burchard
Andrew Foster
Tyler Jacobson
Ariana Klinkov

Domestic Referee Development

Responsible for the education and development of referees at the local, regional and national level

Bruce Gillman – Interim Vice-Chair
Charles Astudillo
Susan Belanich
Lisa Campi-Sapery
Matt Cox
Doug Findlay
Andria Hine
Justin Meehan
Jon Moss
Bill Oliver
Abbas Fadel
Zack Brown
Sean Shumate

Rules and Examinations Committee

Responsible for decisions on the rules and maintaining the USA Fencing rulebook and on-line referee exam

Devin Donnelly – Vice-Chair
Bradley Baker
Tyler Jacobson
Laura Decker

Referee Ombudsman

Responsible for investigating referee complains and suggesting solutions

Derek Cotton – Vice-Chair
Sue Borgos
Tim Bookwalter
Lisa Campi-Sapery
Bobby Gibbs
Tasha Poissant
Mike Ross
Patrick Webster

RC Ombudsman web site:  https://rcombudsman.org/